2017, a year of ups and downs…

It seemed for every good thing that happened in 2017 there was a negative, sometimes in the same day. The year began wet and stayed that way for all of April, May and June. Finally in July things began to dry out a bit, but not before crops like beets, carrots and most of our Brassicas were so late that we had to replant.  Weeds took over the farm and crops we would weed one week would be overrun the next.

While all that was going on we were trying to get our house built. The home is a modular build by Bonneville out of Montreal and we were nothing short of thrilled with their product. But in what became a typical pattern over the year, an exciting fun project was mired by a poor choice of project coordinator who we eventually had to fire causing further delays that added to the months the project was already behind.

Once we got the project back on the rails and were able to be more directly involved we were nothing short of ecstatic by the quality and helpfulness of the local trades.

There was a month of no water and an outdoor porta-potty but hey, a character builder.

The year continued to be a challenge with the bees, the year had started so late that the gals seemed reluctant to get going and we found ourselves

unable to start our main harvest until September, 6 weeks later than normal. And the results were not great – with the total honey production down about 40% from last year. To make matters worse the bees were definitely unpleasant to work with and we found two of the hives robbed in late October reducing our yard to 10 hives going into winter.

As the year wore on we were able to do some trials on growing into December with positive results and found ourselves pushing our greens and lettuces into December. It meant a cold day to winterize the 3 season Caterpillar tunnels as December turned nasty cold.

Finally it was Christmas. We had water, we had heat, septic. Time to put 2017 behind us and look forward to a new year with the optimism that keeps one farming.


Okay, so here’s the deal.  Some hackers got into our old site so I had to remove it.  Having some of the worst weather since we started farming – cold, wet and now in late August, putting up with frost.  Also trying to build a house on the farm and having to put up with all that entails….. or sometimes doesn’t…. so the last thing I have had time to do is get the site back up and running.


We will get you all the skinny in a couple of months when things slow down.